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Nicole Deggins
Nicole Deggins
Midwife... Trainer... Coach... Advocate

About the instructor

Nicole Deggins is one of the county’s leading birth advocacy experts.  She is a sought after trainer, public speaker and community educator working to eliminate perinatal disparities and bring transparency to prenatal education and the medical obstetrical system.  

With over two decades of experience working inside the medical obstetrical system, Nicole’s views and style of training are radically different.  Her combination of real life experiences, combined with her vivid storytelling, her willingness to share “insider secrets” and her unprecedented passion, allow her to connect with her students and her speaking audiences in a full and unique way.  Nicole uses a powerful delivery style to inspire individuals toward a paradigm shift about birth and birth justice. 

Nicole is the creator of The Birth Plan Myth™ and the Sista Midwife Community Birth Sister training.  Prior to starting her work with Sista Midwife Productions, Nicole received her BS in Nursing from Georgetown University, and completed a dual degree program at Emory University where she fulfilled the requirements for the MS in Nursing with a concentration in midwifery, and an MPH with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. During her clinical career, Nicole has practiced as a midwife in Washington DC, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and has worked as a labor and delivery nurse in numerous public and private settings throughout the country.